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Some Like It Hot!

Some Like it Hot!

If you are among the millions of Britons who have found the summer of 2009 distinctly British, that is to say damp and disappointing – which certainly applies to July thus far – you may be about to have your desires for a spell of hot sunny weather realised, and without having to dig into the building society account to pay for a return trip to Thailand or Dubai.

Weather Forecast For August – Warmest Day on Record

Temperatures are expected to rise steadily through the first half of August to reach 38 degrees Celsius by the second week of August, with plenty of sunshine! But be warned: skin not used to this strength of sunshine can become badly damaged.

Photo-aging and Skin Cancer

Sun damage brings with it the risk of photo-aging and skin cancers. So whether you are planning to celebrate this burst of summer from a patch of sand on a handy beach, or simply from a deck chair in your garden, please take good care of your skin. Enjoy the warmth, but protect against burning with good sun protection and by not exposing too much skin or for too long.

Methionine, An Essential Amino Acid, is Depleted By The UV Rays in Sunshine

You cannot do better for your skin than to apply Yin Yang pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion, from Yin Yang Skincare, daily under your sun blocker and after coming in from the sun at the end of the day.  It soothes with cooling essential oil of lavender, but its real power lies in the central role of Wheat Germ Oil in the formulation . Rich in both age protecting Vitamin E and the sulphur bearing amino acid methionine, Wheat Germ Oil puts back some of what is lost due to sun damage. Methionine which is so important for protein production and healthy skin, is depleted by UV rays in sunlight. pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion is rich in this essential amino acid, making it an ideal component of any skincare regime during the forecast heat wave.