The Best British Plum Harvest for Years

The Daily Mail this morning reports that British plums are rotting as supermarkets are buying cheaper foreign fruit. Last year my orchard produced very few plums but this year’s weather patterns have provided its best crop ever and I am inviting my friends round to “pick their own” and share in this bonus. Consequently, Cotswold kitchens are bursting with activity – making jellies, jams, pickles and delicious chutneys from the organic orchard.

Plums are Rotting on the Trees

The National Farmers’ Union report that farms have hundreds of tons of plums picked and ready to ship to the shops. This makes me uneasy and despite calls from ministers for farmers to produce more home grown food, retailers have placed minimal orders for our British plums. Robert Pascall, a Kent fruit producer, said that 95 per cent of his Victoria plum crop was still waiting to be bought. He added that he knew of other farmers who were not bothering to harvest their fruit this year because they could not sell it. It is so sad because the Victoria is the Queen of the plums. It reminds me of my happy childhood picking the ripe fruit and eating it immediately from my Grandmother’s tree.  

Buying British is Important

Buying British food makes sense to reduce global warming and pollution and to support more independent and confident fruit and vegetable production. We need to support our own economy and farming heritage before it completely disappears. Only one retailing spokesman made comment - “Sainsbury’s buys more British plums than any other retailer and we will continue to support our British growers. We believe we will sell more British plums this year than ever before.”

British Skin Care Traditions

For similar reasons, it is just as important to buy Yin Yang, an entirely British beauty routine because it is good quality, supports our own heritage, comes without a cost to the environment and IT WORKS. For almost 40 years Yin Yang has been the first choice of many loyal customers who tell us that it is an integral part of their healthy regime. This consumer appreciation is the best encouragement for any producer, so let us give our support to as many British farmers and manufacturers as we can. Let us be proud of our traditions and heritage to secure a good future for us all.