The Essence of Effective Skincare Products

Effective skincare products begin with active natural ingredients whose chemistry matches that of the skin. Of equal importance is the way these ingredients are blended and combined to produce the products that customers trust to keep their skin in optimal condition; manufacturing & filling processes matter too!

When Katie May founded Yin Yang Skincare back in 1973 she and her team carefully & lovingly manufactured every product that eventually became part of a customer’s skincare routine. As the business grew it became essential to scale up the manufacturing facilities until eventually in the 1990’s Katie established a factory in Oxfordshire. Yin Yang Skincare continued to be made in Katie’s Oxfordshire facilities until early 2010 when production had to be scaled up still further, and so Katie and the Yin Yang Skincare team began the search for a new production partner. The search led to the beautiful ancient market town of Halesworth in Suffolk and HERRCO Cosmetics.

HERRCO was founded in 1988 to service the cosmetics, toiletries and personal care markets, providing a full contract manufacture and development service, but its appeal to Yin Yang Skincare lay in HERRCO’s focus on ‘naturals’ technology – techniques and components to support the quality and performance of pure botanical products like Yin Yang’s. Katie and her team were also impressed by HERRCO’s ongoing investment in product research, manufacturing techniques and the most advanced mixing & filling machinery.

Today we consider ourselves fortunate to partner with this successful manufacturer of natural products whose customer base includes brands both large & small, department stores, hotels and specialist retailers – in the UK, across Europe and beyond. HERRCO has become the leading independent manufacturer of ‘natural’ products in Europe.

The Yin Yang Skincare team work closely with HERRCO’s manufacturing and development team to ensure that Yin Yang Skincare products remain pure and effective, yet meet all the highest standards for manufacture, filling, packaging and shelf life. This involves Katie of course and also Rebecca Hudson who heads up sales & support services to the critically important salon sector. Rebecca has an important dialogue with our manufacturing partner, ensuring that feedback from our professional customers who have such wide experience of skincare, are effectively reflected in product developments.