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To Tan Or Not To Tan?

Fear of Contracting Skin Cancer

Readers of the Yin Yang Skincare Blog will have noted our regular cautions and advice about the action of the Sun’s rays on the skin. In the recent Sun & Skin: A Little Goes A Long Way – we noted that the fear of contracting skin cancer was now so great in Australasia that there was a notable increase in Vitamin D deficiency.  After decades of prostrating their bodies beneath the fierce Southern Sun, many New Zealanders and Australians are now covering up so emphatically that they are denying their bodies the 10 minutes per day of necessary sun exposure to manufacture a healthy quotient of Vitamin D.  [Vitamin D is converted from cholesterol in the skin in the presence of sunlight and is important for efficient absorption of calcium and possibly for protection against some forms of cancer].

European Society For Dermatological Research Budapest 9th September

So it is with great interest that Skin Science Reporter learns that Yin Yang Scientific Advisory Board member Desmond Tobin, Professor of Cell Biology & Director of Centre for Skin Sciences, Bradford University is to present the paper “Melanin Transfer in Human Skin Cells in vitro: A Fascinating World beyond the Dendrite”, at a meeting of the European Society for Dermatological Research in Budapest 9th September, the subject focus of which is “To Tan Or Not To Tan”.  Skin Science Reporter will review the findings of the Conference later this month – so be sure to check the Yin Yang Skincare Blog after 9th September.

Scots Have An Unhealthy Approach To Sunbathing

As we have noted in earlier blogs, the relationship that humanity seeks with the Sun differs widely from region to region: Asian women are renowned for their diligent avoidance of sun burn, while people in Scotland, with much less opportunity for sunburn, “have an unhealthy approach to sunbathing and the highest risk of contracting skin cancer in the UK”, a study by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society found in July 2009. See our Blog of 15th July.

The Skin Is The Body’s Largest Organ

Yin Yang Skincare advises that you should be balanced in your approach to sun exposure and you will enjoy healthy looking skin and good overall health throughout life.  Professor Tobin notes that “the skin is the body’s largest organ” and it has multiple functions in maintaining health and well being.  We should take good care of it. Be balanced in your approach to sun exposure and you will have healthy skin and good overall health throughout life!

Support For Skin At Risk of Sun Stress

Yin Yang’s pH-Amino Gold Skin Defence Lotion is an effective all weather protective moisturiser. The central roles of wheat germ oil, rich in Vitamin E, and cooling Lavender Oil, provide great support for skin at risk of sun stress. Use under sun screen and after showering when you come in from the sun.