Too Tired for Sex!

Too Tired For Sex

A survey out today suggests that 1 woman in every 3 in Britain is too tired to enjoy sex!  Ninety one years after British women “got the vote”, the consequences of emancipation for women are that more than two-thirds of working-age women with dependent children (68%) work, alongside 73% of childless women – in other words the majority.

Anna Friel, Natasha Kaplinsky & Fiona Phillips Combine Successful Careers with Families

When actress Anna Friel revealed that she once went without sleep for a week trying to balance the demands of motherhood with her Brookside career, her words resonated with millions of working women in Britain today.  Anna Friel, Natasha Kaplinsky and Fiona Phillips – all combine successful careers with family lives – but at what cost?   All three of these successful working mothers have commented about the strain of “having it all”.  While Anna Friel went without sleep for a week trying to balance the twin demands of motherhood and career, Kaplinsky is reported to have taken a £300,000 pay cut to spend more time with her child. And stepping down after 12 years on the “Red Sofa”, Fiona Phillips blamed the pressures of combining career and family for her decision to quit GMTV.

Nicola Horlick Is Not The Only Working Mother

While some like Superwoman Nicola Horlick appear to “have it all”, the reality for so many of those 68% of mothers in work is just hard slog!  And even for the 73% without children there are other pressures: keeping up in the work place, working out in the gym, and living it up after both.  One way or another many women today are quite literally burning the candle [read energy reserves] from both ends.

Good House Keeping – Does Not Include Booze & Fags

A recent survey by Good Housekeeping Magazine revealed that stress is a permanent feature in the lives of 1 in every 20 women, while 1 in 5 reported feeling stressed half the time.  Sleep and appetite are the first two facets of life to be impacted by stress and the reduction in the quality of these two life essentials can have a compounding affect on an already stressful life.  Throw in those twin toxins alcohol and cigarettes, and health is invariably compromised.

Balancing Life’s Demands

Keeping our lives balanced is not always easy – but as Natasha Kaplinsky and Fiona Phillips both demonstrated – sometimes we just need to make the choice to take the pressure off ourselves and put the emphasis on our own and our families’ well being.  At Yin Yang Skincare we understand the importance of balance – after all it is the meaning of our name!  And knowing that many of our customers have stressful lives we created a product to smooth away the consequences of that stress for the skin, Yin Yang Rich Skin Food.