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Woman Magazine Tips Yin Yang Skin Renew For Younger Skin

Sun Induced Wrinkles & Outbreaks of Pimples

Just out, Woman Magazine’s Diet Special is running an article about new products for younger skin. Any regular readers of Skin Science Reporter’s columns on skin and sun, or our expert commentary on acne, will recognise that Abby Knight - Health & Beauty expert - is totally on top of her subject, “Skin today breaks all the old rules – we can get sun-induced wrinkles at 30 and suffer breakouts at 40” she writes in the introduction to her article.

Holistic Skincare

Ms Knight concludes that “99% of the signs of ageing are down to the effects of sun, pollutants, poor diet and stress”. This chimes with the holistic approach to skincare which we take at Yin Yang Skincare: what you eat, how you live, your stage of life / hormones, and all the environmental factors encountered by your skin will dictate the condition of your skin – and of course your skincare routine. If you want healthy fresh skin throughout life, then your skincare routine must include a healthy diet and lifestyle in conjunction with an effective skincare routine and products that suit your skin. And if you are “living life in the fast lane” or you are not getting your beauty sleep, then you need to take extra care of your skin and your health.

Recommended In Woman Diet Special

Skin Renew from Yin Yang Skincare is recommended in the Woman Diet Special for “restoring the balance of menopausal skin”. As oestrogen becomes depleted in the skin after menopause, so skin density and the integrity of the supporting collagen suffers: skin is highly responsive to oestrogen. Skin Renew contains phyto-oestrogen from organic soya protein, Zinc PCA, which has been shown to support the integrity of collagen, and carotol from the seeds of the Wild Carrot, for its skin rejuvenating action. Yin Yang Skincare has researched the science behind its ingredients to formulate Skin Renew, a skin cream specifically for women whose oestrogen levels have declined, but this is also a lovely sensuous skin cream, infused with balancing essential oils of geranium and sweet orange.