Katie's Letter -

Yin Yang After Sun Lotion Experience

Creating our new Summer Skin Care products has been an interesting experience. They are all very light and I have enjoyed working with them and testing them too.

Their lightness means that they can be delivered with a spray to exactly the place where they are needed. As we get older, we tend to suffer with keratosis pilaris, which is an accumulation of dead skin cells, that blocks pores, looking at first like a freckle and then becoming a slightly raised lump.

So as I had a number of these, I decided to use the After Sun Lotion to see if I could disperse some on my arms and legs. First a quick spritz onto the blemish and then a gentle but swift and circular massage movement began to see the dead skin begin to flake away. The lotion remained on the skin surface for long enough for me to massage all the dead skin cells away. The skin beneath was a little pink but not damaged and it soon revived to normal!!

The weightlessness of the product allowed the massage to be agile, vigorous and gentle at the same time. So the bonus is that the After Sun Lotion is also a good exfoliator!! I am pleased with my smoother arms and legs!

Katie May