Katie's Letter -

Yin Yang Insect Repellent

Our Moira went to Spain recently and took our new insect repellent with her. She used it daily. She applied it, as recommended, on the inside of her arms from wrist to elbow. She was not bitten at all, although other members of her party suffered constant attention from the little creatures. She returned to England and went to bowls (she is an enthusiastic member of a local bowls team) without applying the lotion and suffered a nasty bite, which was very irritating. After suffering the irritation for some while, she applied the Yin Yang Insect Repellent to the affected area. She happily reports that the spray soothed the problem immediately and it was completely better by the following morning.

All of the four essential oils used in the Insect Repellent are recommended for the purpose individually but combined together they are doing a great job.