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Yin Yang Orange Flower Tonic - Great in a Heatwave

2009 continues to be one of our hottest recent summers. Although, I have always advocated the use of our Orange Flower Spray as part of the essential Yin Yang Cleansing routine, this week I have truly appreciated the lushness of the product’s extra special qualities during this heat wave.

More than several times during recent days, I have sprayed Yin Yang Orange Flower Tonic all over my face, neck and arms. The essential oils and fine plant ingredients, which have traditionally moisturised and rejuvenated even the finest skin, have also proved a cooling and much needed relief in these high humid temperatures.   

The spray, which is best applied from 15 inches away, distributes the “moisture” beautifully, and there is the finest, moist but not sticky feel, that lasts for several hours. I know of clients in the past, who have kept the Yin Yang Tonic in a fridge, but I have noticed that the aluminium bottle keeps it really cool, so mine is on my desk all day and taken into the bedroom at night.

Summer sun provides skin health but Yin Yang’s Essential Care range helps to maintain its important balances.