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Yin Yang Skin Cleanser – Essential Care For All Skins

The First Mobile Phone Call

Two little known facts: the first mobile phone call ever made was placed by Martin Cooper with a Motorola instrument in New York City Monday 3rd April 1973; two months earlier, in Surrey, Katie May produced a test run of Yin Yang Skin Cleanser. Mobile phones started out as unwieldy expensive bricks with desperately limited functionality, Yin Yang Skin Cleanser was launched perfect in every way: a thorough cleansing lotion formulated with pure botanical ingredients and spring water and without detergents. A cleanser without detergents was as revolutionary in 1973 as a mobile phone, and while both concepts have been copied the world over, Yin Yang Skin Cleanser – the original detergent free skin cleanser - remains a truly outstanding product in its category.

Just as Martin Cooper and his colleagues at Motorola knew a thing or two about wireless communications, so Katie May was already expert in formulating skincare. The communications technologists leading the early development of wireless telephony, were driven by the need to provide Americans living in the vast open spaces of the USA, with an effective on-the-move communications device; Katie May, who was a food technologist, was driven to create the Yin Yang range of pure botanical skincare by the desire to care for her own skin. Katie did not approve of the chemical based formulations that dominated the market, using petroleum based ingredients and lanolin from wool, instead of the gentle nourishing oils and extracts of plants that she used for Yin Yang Skincare formulations.

Thorough Effective Skin Cleanser

Cleanser was the obvious starting point for Katie because every skincare routine begins with thorough daily cleansing to remove surface grime, excess oil and dead skin cells. By keeping the surface of the skin clean and the pores unblocked, the skin is able to complete its delicate cycle of growing plump new skin cells and shedding the hardened flattened cells that are shed as part of the constant process of regeneration. Katie realised that Yin Yang Skin Cleanser had to remove surface grime and oil completely and not carry it deeper into the skin, and at the same time it was critical that the acid tone, the “acid mantle” of the skin was not damaged. The pH of the skin is typically between 4.5 and 5.0, although it varies from person to person, from one sex to the other, throughout the day and from one part of the skin to another – but importantly it has been shown that the friendly bacteria that inhabit our skin are happiest at 4.5 – 5.0.

Natural Balanced Skincare

“Less is More” is not only a core value for style gurus  it is also true for skin cleansers. Katie May understood that the balance of oil and water was critical for this product: just enough sanitising oil of coconut to gather up dirt, dead cells and surplus sebum, balanced with hydrating spring water to leave the skin fresh and absolutely clean. A hint of orange to invigorate and witch hazel to tighten and firm the skin, is completed by a tiny drop of organic apple cider vinegar to balance out the pH to 4.5 – 5.0. This gentle effective cleanser could not be formulated with simpler ingredients, and this is the secret of its success: it is perfectly balanced to cleanse the skin and leave it fresh, toned and firm.

36 Years After Launch And Yin Yang Skin Cleanser Is Still Winning Awards

In 2009 Natural Health Magazine included Yin Yang Skin Cleanser [now 36 years in the market] in its selection of winning natural skincare products, the Sunday Mirror featured it in a “reader tried and tested” selection where it was chosen for its “gorgeous smell and lovely texture”, while Prima listed the Cleanser in the August edition, as the “Best Cleanser for Sensitive Skin”. At £12.50 for 200ml, Yin Yang Skin Cleanser is not only one of the very best skin cleansers available today it is also one of the most affordable.