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Yin Yang Skincare Clinic – at The Nutri Centre, London 15th October

Yin Yang Skincare Clinic – The Nutri Centre, 7 Park Crescent London W1, Thursday 15th October

Yin Yang Skincare will be holding a Skincare Clinic at The Nutri Centre 7 Park Crescent, London W1B 1PF, Thursday 15th October.  We are taking bookings from 09.30 hrs through to 19.00hrs. Monica Savage will be the senior attending Yin Yang Consultant.  To book a consultation and treatment with Monica please call Katie May on 01 99 38 22 800 or email

Monica Savage – Senior Yin Yang Skincare Consultant

Monica nurses within the NHS and has developed a number of specialist fields within the profession while practising in locations around the World as diverse as Dubai, Lebanon, Australia and United States.  Monica found Yin Yang  Skincare in 1977 and joined the company in 1979 in order to advise women throughout the UK about the importance and benefits of practising good skin care.  Whilst working with Yin Yang, Monica undertook an ITEC course in Massage Therapy and a Nutrition Course. Monica returned to full time nursing in 1987, practising largely in the USA before returning to the UK in 2006, shortly after which she began supporting Yin Yang once again.  Since finding Yin Yang Skincare in 1977, Monica has only used Yin Yang products on her skin, and has maintained a keen interest and frequent involvement in Yin Yang since that time. 

The Yin Yang Skincare Guide To Good Skin Care

Yin Yang’s approach to skincare is holistic – as all health and beauty care must be. Caring for the skin is not just about the skincare products you use or the skincare routine you practise, it is also about your general health, diet, life stage / hormones and lifestyle. During a consultation with Monica you will have the opportunity to discuss how your diet can influence the condition of your skin, the importance of your general health for good skin condition, and how stress, smoking, alcohol and lack of regular sleep can impact the condition of the skin.  Monica will also stress the critical importance of maintaining the skin’s optimum p H level – the protective “acid mantle”.


Skin disorders have been long associated with nutritional deficiencies. Dermatologic conditions linked with nutrition can range from gross malnutrition effects and more subtly, protein/protein-calorie deficiencies to specific vitamin / trace element deficiencies and metabolic disorders.  Deficiency of essential fatty acids [i.e. fatty acids that can only be derived only from diet] e.g., linoleic and linolenic acids, can cause the skin to become dry, scaly, leathery, reddened and with a tendency to increased water loss.  Essential fatty acids can consist of up to 30% of the skin’s supply of fatty acids, and so may have a considerable impact on skin pH.

The Importance of Preserving Skin pH

The importance of an acid pH skin surface can be seen in its role of regulating unfriendly bacteria. A significant anti-microbial defence is provided by the acidic pH of free fatty acids on the skin’s surface. It is comforting to note that ‘friendly’ skin microbes tend to like the acidic pH while ‘enemy’ microbes (e.g., staphylococci) prefer neutral/alkaline conditions. The ‘normal’ bacterium associated with acne prefers a pH microenvironment closer to neutral.

The Variability of Skin pH

The mean forehead pH for women is typically 4,8,  however the pH of the cheek can be a higher at 5,2.  Thus, even two closely located regions of the face can have pH varying by as much as 0.4 units.  The skin alters its pH at different times of the day due mainly to associated changes in skin enzyme activity.  The skin is more alkaline in the afternoon than at night. There are also seasonal variations in skin pH (as well as in temperature, water loss and surface lipid levels). Skin pH can be significantly lower in July compare to January, April or October.  These observations may be explained by the lowering of pH by sweat-associated acidity, which is highest during summer.

Personal Care

Personal care habits can have a radical effect on skin pH. Simply rinsing the skin with water causes an immediate but transient increase in skin pH.  Moreover, washing hands in standard soaps can increase skin pH by as much as three units to pH 8 – clearly in the alkaline part of the pH range.  It can take an hour or more before the skin’s pH returns to normal after washing with standard soap.

Skincare Routine

In the practical demonstration of good skincare technique, Monica will explain and demonstrate the importance of an effective cleansing routine, with routine daily use of a Yin Yang Skin Cleanser and weekly to fortnightly deep cleansing with Yin Yang Kaolin Face Mask. After cleansing Monica will highlight and demonstrate the importance of toning, preserving the “acid tone” of the skin with the use of Yin Yang Orange Flower Tonic.

The importance of safeguarding the acid tone of the skin is perhaps best summed up by Yin Yang Scientific Advisory Panel Member, Professor Desmond Tobin, “Nature has provided our skin with an acidic mantle. We would do well to protect this crucial aspect of skin health by avoiding exposure to common daily stressors (e.g. harsh alkaline soaps and solvents). Personal care strategies that add back some acid tonic may well help us maintain more optimum skin surface health.”

Monica’s practical demonstration will conclude with the application of a suitable moisturiser from the Yin Yang Skincare range. To keep the skin in optimal condition it is important to protect the delicate moisture balance within the epidermis. This can be depleted by lifestyle activities such as smoking and drinking, and by our environment: wind and sun can be very drying, as can central heating and air conditioning. An all day protective moisturiser such as Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser or Yin Yang pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion [suitable for all including oily skins] will ensure day long protection from drying environmental factors, while also supporting the skin’s optimal pH balance.

Each Skin Is Different

Monica’s long experience of skincare consultancy has led her to appreciate that not only is each skin different – but that every skin will change throughout the day, or month according to what is happening in the body. Your Yin Yang Skincare Consultancy with Monica Savage will therefore focus on your skin and all the unique influences upon it. For more information contact Katie May at Yin Yang Skincare 01 99 38 22 800 or