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Yin Yang Skincare Review:


Today i am going to be reviewing my Yin Yang skincare travel safe pack that i have been kindly sent to review on my blog, i always like to experiment with product’s for a good few week’s to get a better result and a full result and i absolutely love these skin care product’s this is the first time i have tried Yin Yang product’s and the only thing i am disappointed about is not trying them sooner!


The lovely pack included 3 product’s:

  •  Gold Defence – face & body moistursing lotion
  •  Skin Cleanser – leave’s skin revitalised
  •  Natural Moisturiser – light day long protection

As some of you aware from my previous post’s i love reading story’s about how company’s first established and all the information about product’s etc the good thing about Yin Yang is the information is printed of the back of product’s which make’s it so much easier to understand more about the company.


Since 1973 Yin Yang has been at the forefront of botanical science in skincare. Our exclusive fermentation technology for releasing skin enhancing botanical enzymes and proteins from plant ingredients has produced a unique family of effective skincare products.

Firstly i am going to be reviewing the gold defence which is a face and body moisturising lotion which is derived from wheat germ oil. The tube i was sent to review was a 12ml product so to me this is a generous amount and enough for at least 2 week’s to get a better result. I have been applying the moisturising cream around my face and neck area every morning and night this can be used as often as you like but i tend to stick to morning and night as i feel these are the best time’s to treat my skin.


When opening the tube i was greeted by a lovely sweet orange and lavender which go great together and leave my skin smelling beautiful, the defence lotion is rich in the anti-oxidant and vitamin E and within minute’s i can feel the cream slowly hydrating into my skin, unlike most product’s that are oil based they leave a greasy look to the face but with Yin Yang all the result’s are even. This particular cream is essential for outdoor living for all skin type’s i have been using it this week especially as the weather has been so hot and i have been sitting in the sun this cream is recommended for exposing the skin to sun, cold and wind.

Overall i am really happy with this product it agree’s with my skin and leave’s my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated, it is a really light cream so it does not clog my pores and hydrates very well as well as absorbing quickly so there is no white patches of cream etc i would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a daily and night moisturising cream or for the people who like outdoor living sport’s etc this cream would be perfect for you. You can purchase the gold defence moisturiser in a 200ml bottle which is only £17.95! to me this is a extremely reasonable price for such a high quality product if you want to read more information or purchase the product you can do so by clicking here all i can say is you will not regret it!

A little information from Yin Yang’s website: 

An anti-oxidant rich lotion high in fatty acids & Vitamin E, derived from Wheat Germ Oil.

Both before and after exposing the skin to sun, wind and cold, pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion is recommended as an all over moisturising routine. This ultra light, but robust lotion, is formulated with the oils of wheat germ and coconut plus pure spring water to keep the skin in good condition even in the harshest weather.


Next i am going to be reviewing the natural moisturising cream which again is a light cream and is for long day protection. My favorite thing about this particular product is it includes witch hazel to smooth fine line’s, i have used witch hazel based product’s before and they work miracle’s so when i seen my pack included this product i was so excited to try.


I have been using this product in my daily moisutrising routine as it was advised to last throughout the day and this is exactly what it does i would say it last’s around 12 hour’s and i apply this product before i apply my make up this give’s me more confidence in wearing make up and make’s life so much easier when applying as i have always struggled to get a even look with my foundation using this product has really helped not only my skin but i feel so much better when i am doing my foundation.

Yin Yang moisturiser is made with natural ingredient’s and is based on essential oil of orange, witch hazel, organic cider vinegar, spring water and organic coconut oil and provides protection from dryness, skin sagging and age spot’s i have been getting quit a lot of spot’s and my skin is very dry but since using this cream my skin has been feeling very fresh, soft and smooth. This product not only works wonder’s but when applying you are protected for the day if i sit in the sun for too long i burn really bad but since using the moisturising cream i am able to tan a little instead of just burning.

Again i would highly recommend this product to anyone with skin dryness, skin sagging or age spot’s or if you are just looking for a brilliant moisturiser this is the product you need to try i will certainly be buying more of this! you can find more information about Yin Yang natural moisturiser or to make a purchase you can do so by clicking here the natural moisturiser is available in a 50ml bottle for just £13.95 or a 200ml bottle which is £50.00 there is also a rose moisturiser available and i think i will have to purchase a bottle as i love rose scented product’s.

A little information taken from Yin Yang’s website:


Light – is the word that best describes Yin Yang Natural moisturiser. A delicate emulsion of spring water, coconut oil, witch hazel and Essential Oil of Sweet Orange, pH balanced around 5.0

This light fresh botanical cream is suitable for all age groups, and skin types.

The notes of sweet orange provide this cream with a delicious scent and the lightest feel on the skin. Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser is suitable for all skin types, except oily and acne prone skins. It is to be used daily as a moisturiser and makes a perfect foundation for make-up.

And lastly i will be sharing my review’s on the skin cleanser which again is all natural ingredient’s i have been massaging the skin cleanser into my face and neck area and then i use a cotton wool soaked in orange flower tonic to wipe of gently this removes the dead skin cells and surface impurities. I repeat this around 2-3 time’s until my last piece of cotton wool turns white this leave’s my skin feeling healthy, smooth, gently exfoliated  and hydrated.

I do always patch test product’s on my hand’s before i use them direct to my face area and i have patch tested all 3 product’s and there has been no problem’s what so ever all the information Yin Yang provide about there product’s is true and you can expect the same result as what they are described to do. The skin cleanser also has witch hazel in (probably why i love it so much!) and is a gentle emulation of spring water and coconut oil i do also love coconut product’s they smell divine!


I was greeted by a lovely orange scent and was a lovely sweet smell which also has a pH balanced to maintain and restore the skin’s acid mantle. Before using Yin Yang product’s my skin has been feeling not so healthy as i just felt really run down and my skin has been lacking mineral’s, vitamins etc this is exactly what i needed to get my face feeling soft, healthy, smooth and hydrated again.

The skin cleanser i have seen a real benefit in and it does everything as described this can only be described as a miracle in a bottle / tube and i could not recommend enough my family member’s have been complimenting me on how healthy my skin look’s and how i have a lovely glow to my face i always recommend the product i am using and point them in the right direction to the company this review with my family has been a real success as my friend went out and bought one day’s after me telling her how good the product is, the skin cleanser is available in a 200ml bottle for only £13.95!! this to me is hardly breaking the bank and i will be purchasing one myself it is true you get what you pay for and on this occasion the benefit’s have been brilliant, you can find out more information about Yin Yang’s skin cleanser, or too purchase a bottle of your own you can do so by clicking here

A little information from Yin Yang’s website: 

pH balanced to maintain or restore the skin’s acid mantle, this cleansing botanical cream will leave the skin clean, smooth and moisturised.

Yin Yang Skin Cleanser is a gentle emulsion of spring water, Witch Hazel and Coconut Oil, and zingy Essential Oil of Sweet Orange. A very thorough, detergent free cleanser, it is pH balanced to maintain or restore the skin’s acid mantle. This cleansing botanical cream will leave the skin clean, smooth and moisturised.

Good skin care begins and ends with thorough, mildly acidic, cleansing without the use of harsh chemicals and/or detergents – this product is particularly significant for what is left out. It is made with Coconut Oil, Witch Hazel, Essential Oil of Sweet Orange and Acidophilus balanced precisely in spring water to completely remove dead skin cells and impurities, leaving the skin clean, smooth, gently exfoliated and moisturised.


Overall i am really happy with the product’s i received from Yin Yang and the positive about the travel pack’s are they are so easy to fit into a suit case or even a handbag to take to work etc. There is a wide range of product’s available on the website for nearly all skin type’s so i would recommend for you to have a look and i would recommend the customer service via email if you need any help or information about a certain product i would advise for you to give them a quick email as they have a very friendly and fast customer service team. I also love the design on the bottle’s i feel it is a basic design but set’s the product’s off so much if i was shopping and seen these product’s on a shelf etc i would be tempted to buy or definitely take a look and find out more information.

I could simply go on and on about this company but after a 2000+ word review i think i will stop here as i no it can be a little boring sometime’s reading lot’s and lot’s of word’s but if you have tried these product’s or are going to try then you will totally understand why i have been writing such a long and detailed review.

As always i would advise for you to keep up to date with their website and social media page’s for the latest new’s, competition’s, new launches and product information etc and i will link all information below.

Website: http://www.yinyangskincare.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YYSkincare

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YinYangSkincare

Instagram: https://instagram.com/yinyangskincare/

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWSf0DJsXQYOSQQm9aJuQBA

Once again thank you everyone for taking the time to read my review i hope you all enjoyed and i hope some how you are tempted to try more of Yin Yang’s product’s.

Has any of my other lovely follower’s had any experience with Yin Yang or do you have a favorite product? i would love to hear more review’s and feedback weather good or bad but i could not find one bad word to say about this company 5**