Your Skincare Routine - Advice at Holland & Barrett

Some of you may have seen Monica Savage in your local Holland & Barrett over the past few weeks as she has been travelling around the 148 stores now stocking Yin Yang Skincare. Monica, a trained and hugely experienced nurse, is also Yin Yang Skincare’s most senior skincare consultant.  Monica experienced serious problems with her skin until she began using Yin Yang Skincare. Since then she has remained a devoted user of Yin Yang products for over 30 years  and  has become our most experienced skincare consultant.  Monica can advise on your daily skincare routine and  can also share her own understanding of the importance of healthy lifestyle choices such as diet, relaxation and avoidance of toxins, in keeping your skin in optimal condition.

Monica’s 6 Point Plan For Keeping Your Skin In Optimal Condition

1. Cleanse 

The Yin Yang Skincare routine is built around thorough cleansing both night and morning, all over the face and neck

  • Use only mildly acidic cleansers that are completely free of soaps and detergents- like Yin Yang Skin Cleanser - £12.50 200 ml
  • Yin Yang Skin Cleanser is pH balanced in the range 4.5-5.0 so as to maintain the skin’s protective acid mantle
  • Apply with cotton wool dampened in warm water and repeat until the skin is completely cleaned of surface grime, excess oils and dead skin cells
  • After cleansing your skin will feel clean, fresh & revitalised.

2. Tone

  • Follow Cleansing with a light spritz of hydrating mist that is pH balanced in the range 4.5-5.0 to top up the acid tone of your skin
  • Orange Flower Tonic from Yin Yang - £12.50 200 ml – is a cool refining & hydrating mist
  • A dash of Witch Hazel helps to refine the pores and support the fine tissues around the eyes
  • This prepares your skin for a moisturiser suitable for your skin type

3. Mask

  • Once a week or once a fortnight, depending on your skin type, use a gentle absorbent face mask to exfoliate and deep cleanse, especially around areas of open pores or greater oiliness.
  • Yin Yang Kaolin Face Mask - £12.50 50 ml – is formulated with Kaolin Clay, a mineral earth from Cornwall
  • Apply very lightly over all of face & neck area, after first spritzing with Orange Flower Tonic and leave for 10-20 minutes depending on your skin type; sensitive skins may feel more comfortable with only 10 minutes
  • Remove with cotton wool lightly dampened in warm water
  • This will leave your complexion brighter and refreshed
  • Your skin is now ready for a quick spritz of Orange Flower Tonic
  • Yin Yang Kaolin Face Mask can be used on individual spots daily as part of an acne or spot management routine

4. Moisturise

  • Apply moisturiser to the face & neck with light upwardly massaging  action
  • Like the rest of your skincare routine it is vital that your moisturiser is pH balanced in the range 4.5-5.0 for maximum benefit
  • Try Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser - £13.50 50 ml – for dry to normal skins; Yin Yang pH-Amino Gold Defence Lotion - £16.00 200 ml – for all skins including oilier skin types; Yin Yang Rich Skin Food - £19.50 50 ml – for stressed skin, a lovely repairing cream; or Yin Yang Skin Renew - £15.00 50 ml for mature skins.

5. Diet & Lifestyle

  • The skin requires a healthy balanced diet that can supply adequate levels of
    • Proteins
    • Essential Fatty Acids
    • Vitamins
    • Trace Elements
  • Avoid cigarette smoke – it can prematurely age the skin, increasing wrinkling, thickening and yellowing of the skin, and it robs the skin of vitamins (Vitamins A & C) and water.
  • Remember that high alcohol consumption can aggravate skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, acne, & facial flushing.

6. Relaxation

  • Avoid stress - it can exacerbate several skin disorders
  • Sleep is important for our overall wellbeing and our skin - the skin’s barrier function is reduced with loss of sleep.

If you would like to talk to Monica about your skincare routine please ask at your local H&B or send your questions to Monica at Yin Yang Skincare.